New Public Art

I've been fortunate to have some opportunities to work on new public art projects here in Bloomington over the past six months.

Last November I completed a mural on an 1800 sq ft fence that runs along the B-Line between 3rd and 4th St. This project was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Vectren and the City of Bloomington. I wanted something that would be sequential for people walking, running, and riding by, and decided on mountains in four seasons, with leaves, rain, petals, and snow falling for each section. Some nostalgic viewers may notice the deliberate homage to the conclusion of the second entry of a particular entertainment property released in 1988. I got a lot of great feedback from people while working on the project, and I'm very happy that it has had a positive impact.

Recently I finished work on another piece very nearby the first one. It's a 2200 sq ft median on 3rd St under the B-Line overpass. It's prompt installation was due almost entirely to the hard work of a great group of volunteers from the city and the Department of Economic and Sustainable Development.

I'm glad to have had these opportunities to provide something to the community in my own way. Please check out them out if you're in the area!